WordPress Service

What is AYY's WordPress Service?

AYY offers WordPress service to associations in AYY’s association register.

WordPress hosting is a service where association gets WordPress site with <association>.ayy.fi domain or their own domain.

Association is only responsible for site content and get’s one account for managing it. AYY will handle technical and security maintenance for site.

Site is technically a multisite WordPress subsite and has limited themes and plugins available.

User account and logging to management site

Associations will receive only one user account for their site. It’s highly recommended to use generic contact email instead of personal email for this account.

Management site can be found by adding wp-admin to your site adderss. Accessing management site will also change your base domain to something.otax.fi. So if your site address is http://association.ayy.fi/, your login address for manangement site is http://association.otax.fi/wp-admin

What WordPress themes are available?

Current available themes are:

  • Twenty Sixteen, default WordPress theme.
  • Divi by Elegant Themes, a highly customizable theme.

If you want to use some other free theme, you may ask it from AYY’s IT support. Including widely used themes with active upkeep to theme collection may be considered.

What WordPress plugins are available?

There are very limited amount of plugins available because of security considerations. Some addidtional plugins may be added to selection if they are widely used and have regular security updates.

Current plugins are: