IT Services for Associations

AYY offers its associations versatile IT services. These services are available only for associations in AYY’s association register. You can read more about joining AYY’s association register from AYY’s website.

Below you can find information about how to acquire and use these services. We are constantly updating new information to this site but in case you’ve a question which is not answered here, please contact our IT team. We prefer email to but in urgent cases you can also reach us by phone and also visit us at AYY’s Central Office.

Visibility on the website

AYY’s associations receive access to the website where they can make an introductory page for their association and post new events on the event calendar. New logins and lost passwords can be asked for from AYY’s Communications Specialist.

Otax web hotel service

Associations can receive website hosting on AYY’s Otax Server.

NB. Associations using Otax service are responsible for reporting their head admin annually and keeping any web software they are running up to date (this incluides following any sercurity announcement lists associated with that software). Associations failing to do so, will have theire accounts locked and web pages closed.

If you just need basic public website and have any doubts about your association’s ability to have competent web master in following years, you should check WordPress hosting option below.

WordPress site service

WordPress hosting is a service where association gets WordPress site with <association> domain or their own domain.

Association is only responsible for site content and get’s one account for managing it. AYY will handle technical and security maintenance for site. There are limited themes and plugins available.

Mailing lists service

Associations have the possibility to use and establish their own Mailman mailing lists. We do not provide actual email mailboxes.

Association Domains

Associations can acquire their own domain names. The domains can be made to work on Otax, WordPress sites and, if needed, on the mailing lists. Associations may also use AYY’s name servers and register .fi domains through AYY.